Why work at Fanalca

Why work at Fanalca

Although, over the years, Fanalca’s businesses have become more diverse, there is a constant that drives our alignment, teamwork and that differentiates us in the market: our corporate values.


We are committed to results

We work as a team with determination and excellence, developing constructive relationships that allow us to obtain superior performance in our objectives.


We are trustworthy

We value consistency between what we think, say and do, we fulfill our promises basing all decisions on transparency and ethics.


We act with respect

We value the individuality, differences and contributions of all the people with whom we interact inside and outside the organization, building positive and long-term bonds.


We are entrepreneurs

We persevere to find opportunities that offer us competitive advantages and we respond to them with passion, innovation and flexibility.


We are human and we act in solidarity

We are genuinely interested in the safety, stability and well-being of ourselves, our collaborators and their families. Likewise, we take care to contribute to the sustainable development of the social and environmental environment.

This is the basis of our identity; Our actions and decisions are based every day on each one of them.

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