Committed with sustainable development

Committed with sustainable development

The history of Fanalca dates back to 1957 when Joaquín Losada Salcedo, in a fortunate event of destiny, helps a representative of the Superior Coach of the United States and, after several conversations, offers him the representation in Colombia to import car bodies.

Shortly after, on May 31, 1958, the National Factory of Bodyworks –Fanalca (its acronym in spanish)vwas established between the Losada and Herrera families. In 1959, along with the Gómez family, they founded Super Bus Medellín and Super Bus Bogotá to assemble car bodies.

These visionaries, with a group of 12 collaborators, began this successful story of over 60 years.

From importing complete car bodies from the United States, little by little it was possible to assemble 100% of a bus in Colombia, which demonstrated the capacity of the organization.

In 1969, Alberto Losada and Jorge Herrera assumed the presidency and began a period of diversification with auto parts. Considering that the bus seats required large amounts of tubing they identified an opportunity to develop this business.

In 1971, Fanalca had 40 employees and, in its constant search for growth, it began negotiations with Honda Japan to market its motorcycles and later assemble them. Years later, and from that contact, authorization was obtained to market Honda automobiles in Colombia.

Our history

Many other businesses are part of Fanalca’s history; the diversity of products and services has made it possible to enter new sectors, cross borders and have commercial allies in more than 16 countries.


Formation of the National Bodyworks Factory - Fanalca.


Start of the representation of the Superior Coach for the assembly of metallic bodies.


Start of welded metal pipe manufacturing business.


Start of the steel auto parts manufacturing business for Chrysler.


Start of the auto parts manufacturing business at General Motors.


Import of the first Honda motorcycles.


Start of commercialization of Honda automobiles.


Licensing to manufacture garbage compactor boxes.


Beginning of the assembly of Honda motorcycles at the plant located in Yumbo, Valle del Cauca.


Start of Fanaltex as a line integrated into Fanalca (later Supertex).


First household solid waste collection vehicles, designed in Fanalca.


Start of importing CKD motorcycles.


Start of operations of the assembly plant, located in Bogotá (chassis).


Start of the motorcycle parts business.


Start of operations of the assembly plant, located in Medellín (Chasis).


Start of operations of the pipeline plant, located in Cauca, Metalsur S.A.


Start of the air conditioning business.


Formation of the Fanalca Foundation.


Start of the Renting business (Honda Renting Total).


Start of the metal fenders and road infrastructure business.


Renovation of the corporate visual image of the Fanalca brand.

Colombian Pride

Today Fanalca is consolidated as a diverse, entrepreneurial and leading company in the sectors in which it has a stake.

The passion and commitment of our employees allows us to travel a path of sustainable innovation.