Participation for the construction of hospital infrastructure

We are human and we act in solidarity, it is one of the values ​​of our company; Therefore, from the beginning of the contingency generated by covid-19, our main objective was to contribute to our community.

In line with this, Fanalca participated in the project for the provision of hospital infrastructure in Jamundí, Yumbo and Candelaria by supplying the Steel Framing system, which allows the construction of complete structures in galvanized steel profiles, in a fast, clean and industrialized way. Additionally, we provide our facilities to carry out the pre-assembly of these structures.

In total, 6 modules of 14mx7m each were built, which allowed to house approximately 20 stretchers; our company donated those that were installed in the Yumbo hospital. The speed and simplicity of construction was the main reason why this construction system was chosen for the project.